The coupling of Aaron Sorkin and Paulina Porizkova has gone south, and “why” is none of my damn business. But I can’t help myself. My guess is that Sorkin, like most writers, needs to live and work in a certain regulated hardcore way, and he’s not the type to drop to his knees and slavishly worship his wife or girlfriend on a daily basis. That or he simply didn’t spend enough money on Porizkova, who almost certainly demands, being an ex-supermodel, a triple-A, bucks-up, nothing-but-the-best lifestyle.

As for Porizkova’s psychology, read (a) Katie Rosman’s 5.15.21 N.Y. Times profile along with (b) Roger Friedman’s 5,15,21 assessment of the article and Porzikiova herself — “There’s no end of weirdness here.”