“I am so sick of Anakin Skywalker. Why does George Lucas repeatedly try to shove this guy down our throats? Remember when we all loved Luke and Han? What happened to those characters? If you want to do a cartoon so bad, what about one about those guys? Nope. We get Anakin.
“Do you know why people never quite latched on to Anakin like they did to Luke? Lets see… in the future he will: kill his wife, burn Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru to death, kill Ben Kenobi, freeze Han Solo, and sever his own son’s hand. Nice guy. Well that is just gold ole’ ‘Sky Guy’ for ya. Not to mention the scene where he gets caught in that tree and swings vine to vine leading a pack of monkeys…oops, sorry, wrong terrible George Lucas sequel.” — from an 8.14 slam of The Clone Wars called “I Denounce You, Star Wars,” written by author of A Midwesterner’s Guide to Living in New York City.