I’m about 20 years late to the White Album demo tapes thing. In May ’68 the Beatles recorded 27 songs at George Harrison‘s home (Kinfauns) in Esher, southwest of London. Most of the tunes were included on the White Album. All 27 (spiffed-up, fresh sounding) are part of the deluxe 50th Anniversary White Album reissue. All are on YouTube as we speak.

I’m thinking it’s the best unplugged Beatles album ever, including Let It be …Naked. I’m especially taken by (a) the acoustic “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” a song I’ve long despised for its whiny, morose, “woe is me” tone, and (b) “Revolution 1 (Take 18)”, which delves into Primal Scream howls just after the five-minute mark.

It’s pronounced “Esher,” as in “House of Usher” but with an “ehh” sound. I don’t care what the guy in this video says — you can’t say “Eeeshur” when it’s spelled Esher. I won’t accept it.