“The specter of sudden and brutal death hangs over everyone all the time in Hostiles, a mournful, sorrowful, persistently powerful Western set in a world of beauty, tears and blood. There’s little new that writer-director Scott Cooper, in his fourth and best feature, can really add to what other films have said about the terrible inevitabilities embedded in the epic story of the settling of America’s frontier. But potent dramatic dynamics and the filmmaker’s self-evident deep immersion and investment in his material enrich this vivid account of the last spasms of Native American resistance in the 1890s.” — from Todd McCarthy’s 9.3.17 Telluride Film Festival review.

Hostiles will receive a N.Y. and L.A. platform opening on 12.22, followed by a 1.19.18 expansion. The distributor is Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures.