N.Y. Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has pointed to a morality quiz website that determines the extent of your leanings along liberal/conservative lines. “One of the main divides between left and right is the dependence on different moral values,” he summarizes. “For liberals, morality derives mostly from fairness and prevention of harm. For conservatives, morality also involves upholding authority and loyalty — and revulsion at disgust.”

There are six questionaires covering six moral areas. Moral Foundations (i.e., what underlies the virtues and issues you care about? Why do you have the political orientation that you do?), a Satisfaction with Life Scale (how happy are you these days?), a Sacredness Survey (what would you do for a million dollars?), Systems & Feelings (which kind of understanding do you prefer?), a Need for Cognition Scale (what is your attitude toward mental work?) and a Relationship Survey (what is your “style”‘ of relating in romantic/love relationships, and how does that relate to morality?).

I filled out two of the forms (moral foundations, relationships). The results didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know before. But it’s interesting to explore the fundamentals every so often in a multiple-choice way.