…that nearly a half-century later Richard Nixon, deeply loathed by the left from the early ’50s until his resignation on 8.8.74…who would’ve thought that Nixon, ruthless and consumed by his own demons as he was, would appear by today’s post-Trump standards as a relatively decent fellow…governed by practical political considerations, of course, but at the end of the day respectful of the basic governmental processes that keep this country in order…a man who said “okay, I’ve been cornered by my enemies and there’s no way out…I could defy everyone and everything until my terms ends on 1.20.77, but I’m going to be an adult and accept the situation.” A scrappy politician tainted with the attitude of a conniver and a scoundrel, yes, but he left the White House with a semblance of honor. Certainly when compared to the behavior of former president Donald Trump, who’s just a flat-out animal. Nixon, at the very least, submitted to procedure.