In a week-old interview with the Village Voice‘s Aaron Hillis, The Girlfriend Experience director Steven Soderbergh is asked if the film, a portrait of a life of a beautiful high-end Manhattan prostitute, is a metaphor for Soderbergh’s own life and career.

Sundance journalists who saw the film suggested that Soderbergh sees himself as the prostitute being paid big bucks to deliver certain high-end services and yet getting bad reviews from the movie-reviewing, buzz-spreading journalists, who are repped in the film by the sleazy Glenn Kenny character, who has it off with Sasha-the-prostitute and then pans her “performance.”

Soderbergh answers that “it’s kind of hilarious for somebody to look at that and assume I’m making some larger comment about my work — or that the movie’s an exploration of what happens to somebody when they get bad reviews. It’s not a metaphor for anything.” But later on in the interview he says, “I don’t see any difference between what Sasha is doing in the movie and what I do for Warner Bros. The character in the movie is doing what she wants to for money, and so am I.”