The Critics Choice film nominations will be revealed one week hence — Wednesday, 12.13 at 9 a.m. Pacific.

Many CC members are shameless whores to varying degrees, but if they fail to nominate BlackBerry‘s Glenn Howerton for Best Supporting Actor they will have double-branded themselves as valueless sluts for all eternity.

Do they even know what’s happening out there, or for that matter within themselves?

Do they understand how mesmerizing and shattering the last half-hour of Maestro is? Do they have even a glimmer of a hint at how wonderfully surreal and groundbreaking and resplendently out there Poor Things is?

They wouldn’t dare blow off The HoldoversDa’Vine Joy Randolph for Best Supporting Actress, but has it sunk into their gelatinous membranes how perfectly alive and percolating Paul Giamatti is in that Alexander Payne film?