How barnyard dumb do you have to be to want to see Deception (20th Century Fox, 4.25)? The trailer tells you it’s almost certainly a cynical, mechanical, one-note thriller. Hugh Jackman plays the Michael Douglas/Gordon Gekko figure — the well-dressed, impeccably mannered skunk from hell. Ewan McGregor plays the innocent but randy dork and Michelle Williams plays… I can’t tell exactly, but if her role amounts to anything more than just “the girl” I’ll be surprised. Hold your nose, make the movie, deposit the check and move on.

If the trailer doesn’t convince you it’s a must-to-avoid, 20th Century Fox’s decision to open Deception without any critics screenings should seal the deal. Except the under-30 idiot target demo never reads reviews anyway so it doesn’t matter.
Which group of moviegoers are more clueless — those definitely planning to see Deception no matter what, or those determined to see Jon Avnet and Al Pacino‘s 88 Minutes this Friday? Or are they the same demo?
The Deception trailer also tells you the film’s been very well shot, which is no surprise given that it’s the work of the renowned dp Dante Spinotti (Public Enemies, Wonder Boys, The Insider, L.A. Confidential, Heat).