You can’t have a guy who doesn’t sing as well as Elton John…you can’t have him sing the John-Taupin classics in an Elton John biopic. Not right, degrades the experience. Is this Taron Egerton‘s voice or someone else’s? Either way it doesn’t cut it. I didn’t have this reaction to Rami Malek‘s singing (or whomever) in the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody. I didn’t have this reaction when I first heard Val Kilmer imitate Jim Morrison‘s crooning in Oliver Stone‘s The Doors.

Have you ever listened to Natalie Wood‘s actual singing for West Side Story, before they brought in Marni Nixon to dub her? She wasn’t bad but also not quite good enough. That’s what Egerton-or-whomever sounds like. The producers of Rocketman need to do a Marni Nixon on him — they need to dub in the real Elton. Seriously — this doesn’t work. If Elton John’s voice had sounded like Taron Egerton’s, he never would’ve made it big.