82 year-old Lutz Ismael Ebersdorf, a German psychoanalyst and actor, is suddenly a new element in Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria (Amazon, 11.2), which until this morning had largely been regarded as an all-female, all-witches brew. (A Buzzfeed piece claims that Ebersdorf is actually costar Tilda Swinton under layers of makeup — if so, his Wikipedia page is a neat bit of trickery.) Flat landscapes and chilly temps, overcoats and sleet, a grayish palette and graying (not to mention flat-out white) hair, supernatural events and Tilda sucking on a cigarette. This isn’t your father’s Dario Argento realm.

Lutz Ismael Ebersdorf or Tilda Swinton?