According to a recently posted N.Y. Times story by Katie Glueck, Mark Landler, Marc Santora and Michael Cooper, Joe Biden‘s flip of Pennsylvania and Georgia is decisive and growing. As of Friday evening his Keystone State lead over Trump was higher than 14,500. His Georgia advantage had been whisper thin, but by Friday evening Biden had tallied 4000 more votes than Trump.

In Arizona, the Times reported, Biden’s advantage shrank slightly “but not by as much as Republicans had hoped.” In Nevada today, Biden “nearly doubled his lead” over Trump to roughly 20,000 votes.

The trends aren’t going to change. The data overwhelmingly indicates that Biden’s leads back east are going to increase; ditto Nevada and Arizona. So why is the Times refusing to admit the obvious by declaring it for Biden-Harris?

And why are they continuing to post that infuriating electoral map in which Biden is still at 253 electoral votes and Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania are still color coded as undecided — and I mean not even leaning toward Biden-Harris with light blue tints.

If you didn’t know better you’d think it’s still a “who knows?” situation.

And why are the major networks refusing to call it? They know exactly what’s going on, but — I don’t want to sound rash or intemperate but there’s no other way to put it — they seem to be afraid of what the Trump loonies might say or do.

Another way of putting it is that they’re chickenshit.