The underlying reason, I suspect, is that NBC felt that they needed to be symbolically demoted because of the wokester condemnation of the HFPA over their previous (but since corrected) failures in the realm of DEI and specifically Black journalist membership.

By any fair and reasonable standard the HFPA has bent over backwards to reform itself, but still the Tomris Laffly Brigade wants this long-questionable org and its once-valued awards show (at least in terms of ratings) suffocated to death.

Given how the Golden Globes used to fuel-inject award season hype and especially considering that general award-season fervor is currently withering on the vine given the near-total absence of interest (much less enthusiasm) on the part of literally everyone outside the miniscule, industry-and-media-centric award season community (exacerbated further by the NSFC’s head-scratchy celebration of Aftersun’s Charlotte Wells), doesn’t it make sense to ease up and let bygones be bygones and try to return to the mindset of pre-woke-terror Hollywood (i.e., 2016 and before)?

Here’s an excellent, handwringing, hairpulling piece on this topic from Awards Daily Sasha Stone: