I have a question for Forbes guy Bill McCuddy, who wrote in a recent email which I posted that Rock of Ages “played like gangbusters” at the screening he attended, and that it might be a “dude-sical” (a musical that guys can not only tolerate but like) and that it looks like a hit, etc. Well, your dude-sical is floundering, homie, and you have to explain why. C’mon, right now…lay it on me.

Nikki Finke is reporting that Rock Of Ages, playing in 3,470 theaters, “is falling to earth with a thud,” having earned a lousy $5.5 million with a projected $15.5 million by Sunday night. That’s “far worse” than Mamma Mia, she notes, “which opened to $27 million with the same pedigree.”

Adam Sandler‘s That’s My Boy, which got a B-minus from CinemaScore, also grossed $5 million on Friday with a projected $15 mil weekend. How much did Jack & Jill hurt the Sandler brand?