Saturday morning’s “Page Six” is running a lead story this morning about the Weinstein Co.’s last-minute decision not to open George Hickenlooper‘s Factory Girl in Manhattan, thus taking it out of consideration for local awards and ten-best lists. A day or two ago I got this message from a friend who’s right in the thick of it: “The reality is the movie just isn’t ready to see. We’ve shot 25 pages of new material and Harvey [Weinstein] is trying to rush the movie out and there just isn’t enough time. There’ve been a few screenings but the film is in no shape at all to show. It’ll get there but it’s taking time. All good things need time, and it’s never fair to the film or the filmmaker to rush, rush, rush…and for the sake of what?”

“Page Six” on page 10, 12.9.06 edition of the N.Y. Post.