Why is the Cannes Film Festival press-screening The DaVinci Code, a movie that lasts about 150 minutes, at 8:30 pm on Tuesday the 16th rather than, say, the slightly more workable hour of 7 pm? Especially considering that a good portion of the viewers will be jet-lagged Americans? Because Sony publicists have arranged for Ron Howard‘s film to be shown to Cannes press at more or less the same time that New York and Los Angeles journos will be seeing it. The Gotham screening, I gather, will happen around 2:30 or 3 pm (a film critic for a major weekly told me that the Cannes screening will actually begin “a half-hour earlier” than the Manhattan screening). By this logic the Los Angeles showing would obviously be happening around noon, although a press pal says that the only LA press screening for DaVinci he knows about is set for Wednesday, 5.17, at 7pm at Hollywood’s Arclight .