9.15 Update (9:20 am): TheWrap’s Sharon Waxman reported last night that Fox Filmed Entertainment CEO Tom Rothman was essentially whacked.

“Individuals close to the situation said that Rothman went after Ron Meyer‘s job as head of Universal Studios, and ended up losing the job he has had for more than a decade,” Waxman writes. ‘He went to [News Corp. COO] Chase Carey and overplayed his hand,’ said one insider close to the situation.

“Rothman is known as a volatile, often explosive tempered executive, while Carey is a straight-laced business executive with a very different style. Other reasons include the fact that Rothman was less relevant in a restructured News Corp.

“Of the mogul duo, Rothman was considered the creative force in moviemaking decisions, while Gianopulos is the business-minded executive and tough negotiator. In a restructured News Corp., Dana Walden and Gary Newman will report directly to Carey, eliminating the need for another executive layer.

Earlier: Eight minutes ago Deadline‘s Mike Fleming reported Fox Filmed Entertainment CEO Tom Rothman is “in the process of finalizing his exit from the studio.” annd that his exit is said to be “imminent.” So what’s that about? All I know is that Rothman, 57, is a tough headstrong bird who reads this column, and that he has what is typically referred to as a hands-on (or hands-in) management style.

In 1994 Rothman founded Fox Searchlight Pictures, and served as its chief honcho. He served as Twentieth Century Fox Film Group prez from January to August 2000, and then as Twentieth Century Fox Production topper from 1995 to 2000. Mr. Rothman has been chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment of Fox Entertainment Group Inc. since July 2000 and serves as its Director. He has also served as Co-Chairman of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. (That’s a lot of serving., but we’ve all gotta do it.) He serves as Director of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Mr. Rothman also serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Sundance Institute.

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