Scarlett Johansson‘s reported interest in starring in a new Jurassic Park film is a paycheck move…obviously. She needs the money.

Because…think about it…the Jurassic franchise peaked roughly 30 years ago (1993’s Jurassisc Park + 1997’s The Lost World) and there’s obviously nothing classy or even exciting about making one of these godawful things, which currently appeal to the absolute lowest common denominator…the dregs of megaplex culture.

It would seem that Johansson’s current game is largely or significantly about wanting to keeping living in the lap of luxury and having to occasionally hold her nose when she makes certain films. Paycheck gigs are a fact of life. Nobody likes them, but almost everyone accepts the fact that appearing a well-paying dreck is an unfortunate necessity.

Plus Johansson is pushing 40 (she was born on 11.22.84) and a voice is probably telling her “you’ve had a great 20-year run and although you’re sure to make many more smart and edgy films, your highly-paid glory period is winding down and so it’s probably wise to snag as many hefty-paycheck roles as you can, regardless of quality….get it while you can.”