In a 3.19.24 q & a with’s Jade Wickes, Adam Driver is asked for any descriptions he can provide about Francis Coppola‘s Megalopolis, which may or may not be debuting in Cannes.

Driver: “It’s kind of undefinable, which feels very general until you watch the movie. Then my answer will be perfect. There’s not a lot of precedent for it and it’s wild on a big scale, which is what’s really unique about it.”

Wickes: “You play Caesar, a renegade architect. Can you describe him in one sentence?”

Driver: “He’s a visionary. He’s very much Francis [Ford Coppola], in a way, where he’s investigated every way of how people can do something and is trying not to get stuck on the right answer. That’s an idea that’s moving to me, and one that reflects Francis.”

I think we know what Driver is saying here.

Generic Wiki synopsis: “A young new York woman, Julia Cicero, is divided between loyalties to her father, Frank Cicero (Forest Whitaker), who has a classical view of society, and her architect lover, Caesar, who is more progressive and pining for the future. Caesar wants to rebuild New York City as a utopia following a devastating disaster.”