In a post-New Hampshire primary forum on Politico, Bill Scher (senior writer at the Campaign for America’s Future, co-host of the show “The DMZ,” a contributing editor at Politico magazine) is saying “there’s no question that Hillary Clinton has lost the white left of the Democratic Party to Bernie Sanders.

The question that remains is: How far left has the entire party moved, outside of the lily-white states of Iowa and New Hampshire?

“The exit polls show that nearly 70 percent of the Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic electorates self-identified as ‘liberal,’ a jump of more than 10 points in each state since 2008. In the next caucus state, Nevada, liberals made up only 45 percent of the Democratic pool in 2008. That’s more fertile territory for Clinton, but will that number rise as well? And if so, does it inevitably buoy Bernie? Or can Hillary still make the case for her progressive bona fides to a more racially diverse electorate less familiar with Sanders?

“Playing the pragmatist card against Sanders’ idealism hasn’t worked. Clinton needs to be able to sell her record, qualifications and platform without sounding like a “no we can’t” buzzkill. Talking up her deal-making with Republicans doesn’t impress Democrats who see the opposing party as a wall of obstruction.

“Her concession speech on Tuesday night was a step in the right direction, laying out her own inspirational vision for the future with a heavy nod toward diversity and equality. She’s on firmer ground when communicating what she is fighting for, rather than what she will settle for.”