Ricky Gervais “will not be invited back to host the show next year, for sure,” a member of the HFPA has told Popeater‘s Rob Shuter. “[And] for sure any movie he makes he can forget about getting nominated. He humiliated the organization last night and went too far with several celebrities whose representatives have already called to complain.”

Ricky Gervais during last night’s Golden Globes awards telecast.

That’s the HFPA for you — all about image and politics and scumbaggery. “Any” movie that Gervais makes “can forget about being nominated”? In other words, this person is saying it’s about more than just not hiring Gervais again. If he/she can be believed the HFPA is going to do what it can to blacklist Gervais by indirectly scaring producers into not hiring him or funding his projects for fear of any Gervais film being shunned by the Globes. This, at least, is the import of the quote that Shuter has ran.

I’m putting this down to heat-of-the-moment emotion. A cooler perspective will no doubt prevail. But if any sort of anti-Gervais prejudice or blackballing is ever detected, wouldn’t it be lovely to somehow make life equally problematic for HFPA chief Philip Berk ?

From Badass Digest‘s Devin Faraci: “It seems like the only person in the room last night who knew that a grotesque farce was happening was Ricky Gervais, and he was shiningly spectacular in his attacks on the smug self-satisfaction rampant among the shallow guests who had just answered, with a straight face, questions like ‘Who are you wearing?’ on the red carpet. And honestly, he didn’t go far enough. How can you take this shit seriously? The fact that the HFPA is being sued for breach of contract in what amounts to a bribery situation is enough to make anybody throw up their hands and wonder what the point is.”

From Marshall Fine: “I’m ready to start a Facebook campaign to dump Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts of this year’s Oscars to give the job to Ricky Gervais. Snarly responses from his targets aside, Gervais was the only thing that made the patently bogus Golden Globe Awards broadcast bearable Sunday night. Obviously, Hollywood stars don’t like to have their praise parade rained on by a comedian calling, ‘bullshit!’ from the opening minutes of the whole proceedings. But really — what other sane response was there?”