Will Smith may have another half-decent film opening later this year, and perhaps more: Pursuit of Happyness (Columbia, 12.15), directed by Gabriele Muccino and written by Steve Conrad. It’s about a salesmen having a tough time (Smith) as he takes custody of his son (played by Smith’s son, Jaden). In any event, Mike Sampson at JoBlo has seen an early cut and reviewed it. An excerpt: “Will this be an Oscar contender or a blockbuster? I’d say Smith has a good chance of being nominated, though nothing else really stuck out to me as being great. A blockbuster? Smith might be able to bring in the crowds, but as it’s Smith as you’ve never seen him before (the man pretty much made me cry), tough to say if it’ll break the bank. The relationship between father and son might be the best ever filmed, and as it’s based on a true story, it really is inspiring. You’ve heard of rags-to-riches stories before, but most times they gloss over the rags part. Not here. This is a movie about struggles, about fatherhood, about being a provider, about being a man and above all else, about the pursuit of happiness.”