Sen. Hillary Clinton “has to win both Ohio and Texas comfortably, or she’s out,” an unidentified Democratic superdelegate tells N.Y. Times reporter Patrick Healy in a piece that will appear in tomorrow’s (Tuesday, 2.12) edition. The source adds that the Clinton campaign “is starting to come to terms with that.” Campaign advisers have also “confirmed this view,” Healy writes.
Clinton and her advisers “increasingly believe that, after a series of losses, she has been boxed into a must-win position in the Ohio and Texas primaries on March 4, and she has begun reassuring anxious donors and superdelegates that the nomination is not slipping away from her, aides said Monday.
“Mrs. Clinton held a buck-up-the-troops conference call on Monday with donors, superdelegates and other supporters; [although] several of them said afterward that she sounded tired and a little down, but determined about Ohio and Texas. And these donors and superdelegates said that they were not especially soothed, saying they believed she could be on a losing streak that could jeopardize her competitiveness in Ohio and Texas.”