“When tens of millions of dollars in worldwide marketing and distribution costs are added in, Justice League (Warner Bros., 11.17), which carries a production budget of around $250 million according to several sources, would have to bring in a lofty sum of around $600 million from ticket sales alone and additional revenue from ancillaries like pay-TV and home entertainment in order to turn a profit.

“Warner Bros. executives are already concerned that the movie’s debut this weekend — projected to be $110 million — is less than what they had hoped for. In comparison, last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened to $166 million. The film will also face some competition over the upcoming holiday weekend from another big release, Disney/Pixar’s Coco, though the animated film skews younger. So far, early reaction to Justice League has been mixed among critics and fans. Some have panned it, while others have praised its lighter tone.” — from 11.16 Variety story by Ricardo Lopez.