We’re all familiar with the progressive attitude that ignores the health implications of obesity and insists that positive self-defining and social acceptance of all shapes and sizes is far more important than losing weight or at least staving off morbid obesity.

We all get this, but declaring on the cover of Cosmopolitan that obesity is “healthy” is not only untrue but…I’m sorry but the word that comes to mind is “ludicrous”. Nobody wants anyone to be fat-shamed or suffer emotional distress due to being stigmatized, but we all know that obesity ushers in all kinds of health risks (diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers).

And yet the forces of progressive positivity and correct-speak, currently represented by Cosmopolitan editors, are proclaiming otherwise.

The irony is that body-shaming is alive and well if a formerly overweight famous person loses weight. Consider the negative reaction that Adele got last spring when she shed all that BMI.

Two and 1/3 years ago Cosmopolitan editor Farrah Storr defended this waking of thinking in a Good Morning, Britain segment.

“What are you actually trying to achieve with this cover?” Pierce Morgan inquired. “I read the interview and never once in the entire thing, with all the pictures in the interview do you as the editor of Cosmo even infer that this may not be a good weight to be, that this actually might be morbid obesity. And in Britain right now, we had the worst incidence of obesity in Europe by miles. We are a fat and ever fattening country.”