Tonight at 9pm Eastern CNN’s Don “Bite Me” Lemon will co-host a round-table discussion of five Bill Cosby accusers — Joan Tarshis, Barbara Bowman, Kristina Ruehli, Patty Mastin and Victoria Valentino. The dominant consensus in this clip is that most of them want Cosby to suffer the lash. Tarshis is the lone-wolf, stand-out humanist who wants him “to get well.” The only way Cosby could even start to get past scandal this would be, as I recently suggested, if he offered a $100K payoff to each accuser but without legally “admitting” anything. The damage was done decades ago but that would at least start the conversation. Ray Liotta‘s Henry Hill: “Oh, your career is in the toilet and you’re suddenly a pariah? Fuck you, pay me.”

Alisyn Camerota is co-hosting as a sop to some of the women who had issues with Lemon’s suggesting to Tarshis a while back that she could have bitten Cosby as a way to avoid oral sex.

“I really just want to hear their stories…to see them all in the same room together,” Lemon told TheWrap Monday. ”Unfortunately they are a part of a club of which they’d rather not be. I wanted to see their interactions with each other and if each of them gained a degree of empowerment as they separately told their stories.”

If I was a kidding type of guy I would have tacked this on to Lemmon’s quote: “And I wanted to know if any of them have ever considered biting men at one time or another or have in fact bitten them.”

“I promise you’ll be riveted. I was. The new details are too many to mention. You have to watch,” Lemon told Jordan Charlton. “The impact will be therapy for women…therapy for the country.”