I came upon Doubt costar Phillip Seymour Hoffman around 9:40 pm as I was leaving the premiere party at the Metropolitan Club, and a question suddenly hit me that I thought he might know the answer to.

“Philly, what’s the name of Bennett’s new movie?,” I asked. “The one he’s working on now, gonna shoot early next year…something?” I meant Bennett Miller , who directed Hoffman four years ago in his Oscar-winning performance in ’05’s Capote.

“Uhhmm,” Hoffman said, knowing what I meant but drawing a blank. “It’s some kind of darkish romantic thing, some kind of relationship drama,” I prompted. “Uhhm, yeah, it’s…not coming to me,” Hoffman said, shrugging. “Okay, two of us,” I said. Be well, see ya, happy holidays.

The reason we couldn’t remember Bennett’s film is because it’s called Foxcatcher, and what the hell does that mean? Something about a hound, a lady-killer? But doesn’t that sound overly literal? Not to mention anachronistic with that seeming reference to women as foxes? If it’s nothing like this then what’s the allusion or metaphor? A person who literally catches foxes in the forest? Naaah. Too D.H. Lawrentian.

We all get Dogcatcher, but Foxcatcher? Doesn’t feel right.

I’m just saying your film has to have a title that’s easy to remember, one that Average popcorn-munching Joes can make an easy connection with. You sure don’t want one of your pallies having trouble thinking of it. That says a little something, I think. A word to the wise.