Woody Allen‘s Paris-based film, which lenses there this summer with Wild Bunch footing the bills, was described in Variety‘s 3.7 story as “an American movie set in Paris” rather than one with largely French characters, or not in the vein of Match Point and Scoop, which were London-based flicks mostly about English natives. It would be nice if Allen’s Paris locations turn out to be less generically touristy than the London ones he chose for Match Point, but you know Woody…his pics always use “glamorous” locations enjoyed by mildly hip, not-terribly- adventurous people with money. (So forget Oberkampf.) Woody’s next will shoot in ’07 in Barcelona. (Calling Whit Stillman for advice and assistance! I just saw Barcelona for the first time about six months ago, by the way, and I think it’s far and away Stillman’s best). You can’t say Woody getting out of Manhattan has been the best thing for his career and his creativity in a long time because we only have Match Point so far as evidence, but something tells me it might turn out to be this…maybe. Hey, any chance of Scoop turning up in Cannes two months from now?