Having opened in Poland on 7.26 and in Lithuania on 8.2, and with openings in Greece (8.22), the Netherlands (8.29) and Turkey (8.30) over the next few days, Woody Allen‘s A Rainy Day in New York will open the Deauville American Film Festival on 9.6. Followed by openings in France (9.18), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (9.26), Spain (10.4), Italy (10.10) and Vietnam (10.11).

And then the grand Mexico opening on 10.25, which will be celebrated by Hollywood Elsewhere with an actual visit to one of Tijuana’s megaplexes. I’m presuming that a subtitled version will be viewable somewhere.

Catching Rainy Day in Tijuana unfortunately involves an agonizing four-hour drive, give or take. It’s one of the most miserable things you can do in life, slogging it out on the 405 and 5 south, stop and go, hour after hour, miserable San Diego traffic, border backup, etc. The only way to beat it is to leave on Thursday and come back on Saturday.

I haven’t been to Mexico in six or seven years so as long as I’m doing this I might as well rent a modest room in Poco Cielo (south of Rosarito Beach) and have a nice dinner at the storied La Fonda, which has the greatest outdoor balcony overlooking the sea. La Fonda suffered a fire a couple of months ago, I’m told. Party animals were apparently to blame.