Wells to British journalists & inside-trackers: I ask again, what’s the poop on Mat Whitecross‘s Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll, the Ian Dury biopic that opens in England four days hence (1.8)? The London media has seen it but I’m finding no reviews. Andy Serkis is most likely phenomenal as Dury, but something must be wrong because the film isn’t showing in the World Cinema section at Sundance 2010.

I don’t trust the 12.13.09 review on the IMDB page.

If there’s a problem with the film (and I say “if”), it may be suggested in the trailer. Very little quiet is indicated. No intimacy or character hooks. The film seems to be all about bellowing and howling and pouring of milk into mixing boards — i.e., outrageous behavior of one form or another.