According to Box-Office Mojo, Peter Farrelly‘s Green Book, which cost $23 million to make, has grossed $84,668,211 domestic and $304,230,843 worldwide.

Remember how Green Book was piddling along after opening on 11.16.18? How box-office analysts were all saying “weak pulse” and “doesn’t look good”? Well, the word-of-mouth (which I’d presumed would manifest a couple of weeks after it opened) finally kicked in. And then winning the Best Picture Oscar delivered another bump. And then it really took off overseas. So far Green Book has made $70.7 million in China, $14.6 million in Japan, $14 million in France, $13.5 million in Germany and $12.9 million in the UK.

What does this say about the influence of the wokester haters (Justin Chang, Guy Lodge, Kevin Maher, Richard Brody, Barry Hertz, et. al.) who wouldn’t stop pissing on this harmlessly humanist period film? It obviously means that they live in their own little hermetic world and that they’re fundamentally unable to recognize the value of a film that emotionally delivers, however lacking it may be in other respects.

If I was among them I wouldn’t fold my tent. I would reach out to fellow haters and try to organize a kind of Wokester Peace Corps to help spread the gospel. The idea is that Lodge, Chang and the others would journey around Europe, Asia and the U.S. on what could be called a Green Book Re-Education Tour — renting theatres and explaining to the rubes what they’ve failed to comprehend about how inauthentic and retrograde Farrelly’s film actually is. The WPC could raise travel and hotel funds through GoFundMe.