Someone working for the Copenhagen film magazine Ekko allegedly reported today — get this — that Martin Scorsese is open to the idea of remaking Taxi Driver with Lars von Trier as some kind of creative partner. Or vice versa.

Can’t be real. Has to be bullshit.

The report, allegedly emanating from the Berlin Film Festival, says Scorcese and von Trier are in attendance, and that the two men had discussed the possibility of a remake. And it gets more twisted. The Ekko story allegedly says that Robert De Niro would again play the title role — presumably a reference to Travis Bickle.

In an initial reaction, von Trier’s Zentropa producing partner Peter Aalbek said he could “neither confirm nor deny,” but that an official announcement would be made soon.

The 67 year-old Scorcese is in Berlin for the world premiere of his new psychothriller, Shutter Island. I don’t know what von Trier is doing there, if he’s there at all. This whole thing could be a total figment of someone’s imagination. It’s such a repulsive idea, it’s embarassing to even float it as a joke.