HE’s LAX-to-JFK journey was no picnic. Jet Blue is the Trailways of the skyways. Zero wifi — what airlines don’t offer this in 2021? The electric outlet next to the seat worked initially, and then changed its mind. Plus half my power charge cords turned moody and fickle. Plus we’ve been sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes — no available gate.

I love it — welcome to NYC. You know where they don’t pull this sit-and-wait-at-the-gate shit? Almost anywhere else in the world. New York City — the finest and proudest crumbling-infrastructure town in the Western hemisphere. Plus the world’s (often) slowest, shittiest subway system by far. Not to mention the wounding…all right, I’m over-venting.

9:40 pm: We’re still waiting to disembark. 50 minutes since landing.

9:48 pm: Finally stretching my legs! Thanks, guys. Now let’s see what we can do about delaying the carousel luggage.