Two days ago Amy Kaufman posted a Wrap piece about the Yari Group’s decision to go into bankruptcy last December. It’s puzzling why Kaufman decided to get into this three months later as nothing really new is reported. The standout element are two differing opinions about the state of Yari’s company before it went bust. The first is from Rod Lurie, director-writer of Nothing But The Truth as well as producer of What Doesn’t Kill You, two Yari releases that fell through a trap door when Chapter 11 was declared. The other view is non-attributable.

“The Yari team are good and smart people who got caught in the perfect storm of the economy,” Lurie says. “But it was like a drive-by shooting. Everything’s going great and then we’re on the ground, bullet-ridden.”

But later in the piece Kaufman writes that “several people who’d been working with the company said the signs of trouble had long been clear at Yari, and that Yari’s trouble were not necessarily indicative of bigger problems in the indie industry. ‘There were certainly release dates that weren’t met at Yari and bounced around,’ said one source who refused to be named. ‘In 2008, you would have been nuts to sell your film to Yari Film Group.'”

Nothing But The Truth will have a DVD and Bluray release on 4.28.09.