Yes, Sienna Miller has been re-cast as ’60s era Warholian pop star Edie Sedgwick in George Hickenlooper’s Factory Girl, but not because she’s suddenly hot tabloid fodder. George Hickenlooper, the film’s director, told me this morning that Miller was approached “a month ago” to reconsider taking the Sedgwick role after she had to back away from it last April due to having committed to perform in As You Like It in London’s West End. Miller and her agent said yes “about four or five days before the nanny story broke,” he said. Hickenlooper was referring to the scandal about Jude Law, Miller’s former fiancee, romping with his kids’ nanny (her name is Daisy Wright) behind Miller’s back, which began to break around 7.17 or thereabouts. An IMDB WENN story appeared today saying that Miller’s celebrity status “has been helped by Law’s admission he had an affair with his children’s nanny…[a source says] this is not the way Sienna would have liked to have won the role of Edie Sedgwick or a big action role, but she is not going to kick a gift horse. Being so badly treated by Jude is the best thing that’s happened to Sienna [because] now she’s A-list famous.” Hickenlooper says that “we re-approached Sienna a month ago as soon as Katie Holmes was out. The problems with both of these actresses was scheduling. Sienna was approached to play Edie last November, and she said yes and that she loved the script, [especially] since Edie was a lead character…but to get financing we had to attract a male star, so [Factory Girl co-screenwriter] Captain Mauzner and myself decided it would creatively work to build up the Warhol role. We had a new draft with a stronger Warhol character in February, and we got a yes from Guy Pearce in April. That was enough to get our financier excited, but by that time Sienna was committed to do the London play and our financier was eager to go, so I went with my second choice of Katie Holmes, and that romance lasted for about three weeks because she pulled out over her whole Batman Begins publicity thing. At that point, about a month ago, we went back to Sienna, and she said yes four or five days after that.” Shooting on Factory Girl will begin on 10.26, Hickenlooper says. Exteriors will be shot in Manhattan and interiors will be done in Louisiana “because of the 20% tax credits they’ve been offering the last year or so…Louisiana is the new Canada because of this.”