“In the wake of the mass hysteria that followed after the horrifying Harvey Weinstein assaults came to light, Hollywood is still awash in the jitters. Fear and trepidation now clouds every thought and word and deed — fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, fear of associating with the wrong people, fear of supporting the wrong artists, fear of being called out by a Twitter swarm, fear of getting fired, banned, cancelled. Whatever potentially sensitive topic pops into our conversations and timelines, fear casts a pall over us all.” — from Sasha Stone‘s “Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Opens to $40 Million and Almost as Many Hot Takes,” posted on 7.28.

The thrust of the piece is that the Stalinist p.c. twitter goons need to think twice about threatening this or that high-profile filmmaker for pushing envelopes, being temperamentally brazen and perhaps having said a couple of wrong things in the past (or said right things in the wrong way).