Forget the Canada part of last night’s New Rules essay and start at the 4:00 mark:

“Yes, you can move too far left. And when you do, you wind up pushing people in the center to the right. At its worst, Canada is what American voters think happens when there’s no one putting a check on extreme wokeness.

“Like the saga of American shop teacher Kayla Lemieux, whose pronouns are she, her and those. Kayla is now back to being a guy, but two years ago when ‘they’ showed up to teach children, the [Halton District School Board] said they were committed to a safe environment. Safe for who? What about the children?

“There was once a weirdo movie producer in the ’60s named Russ Meyer, who made low-budget B movies like Faster Pussycat…Kill! Kill! and Beyond The Valley of the Dolls, all featuring [big-boobed women]. His movies played in porn houses, and were featured in Hustler and Playboy, but who says ‘when it comes to huge ridiculous tits, let’s save that for the kids’?

And this is why people vote for Trump.

“They say in politics that liberals are the gas pedal and conservatives are the brakes, and I’m generally with the gas pedal…but not if we’re driving off a cliff.”