Yesterday’s figures (Friday, 12.30) show that most films are enjoying holiday increases this weekend. The Chronicles of Narnia was up 22% from last Friday for a $9.6 million haul and a projected
4-day weekend tally of $36 million. King Kong, up 12%, did around $8.7 or or 8.8 million and a projected $30 million for the weekend, which will put it up to $173 million and a likely $225 to $250 million when all is said and done. Fun With Dick and Jane‘s $6 million (up 17%) indicates $22 million for the 4-day weekend. (“It’ll do okay but they won’t hit $100 million,” says my source.) Cheaper by the Dozen was up 44% (“That’s a very healthy jump”) and did $5.6 million last night for a projected $21 million for the weekend. Rumor Has It did $2.1 million last night, $1100 per print…dead. Geisha is dead also — $2.7 million last night, up only 5% from last Friday. Word-of-mouth winner Family Stone will end up with $45 million by the end of the weekend. Munich will end up with $40 or $50 million by the end of its run, and that’s with Universal spending ad money like drunken sailors. It took in $1.5 million Friday in 532 theatres yesterday, with a projected $5.7 million for the weekend. (“That’s not much,” my guy says. “They’re going into 1800 theatres next Friday and then we’ll know the story. I don’t think people care very much about the subject matter, plus it has a down ending.”) Brokeback Mountain was up 70% from last Friday, having expanded by 52 screens for a total of 269. It’ll have about $5.2 million for the weekend, and at the end of the weekend it’ll have earned about $16.5 million. (“And it’s still in limited…that picture’s working“) The Producers is “pretty much dead.” Walk the Line will be up to $92 million by the close of the weekend and will top $100 million before the end of the run. Match Point is “working so far” but “it’s only played Woody Allen territory so far.” Casanova hasn’t been doing too well, The Matador was so-so yesterday, The New World is dead, and so is Syriana.