I decided to download and install the recently-popped OSX Yosemite on my three computers (2011 Macbook Pro, 2013 Macbook Air, 2009 iMac) today. It takes a while but once it’s all installed it’s pretty sweet. For some reason Adobe Flash Player was erased by the Yosemite installation…pain in the ass. The only real problem is that Yosemite keeps asking you to install computer-to-phone Cloud capabilities that won’t function unless you have IOS 8 installed on your phone, which of course has been glitchy if not problematic for those who don’t have the iPhone 6. I’m not buying the damn thing until there’s an iPhone 6 Mophie juice pack, which won’t be ready until early 2015…nice! Apple is a racket. The point of new operating systems isn’t just to make things work more smoothly, but to goad you to buy new devices. I’ll probably have to buy a new Macbook Pro by the end of the year or soon after.