You can always tell how a film is doing (or how much confidence it has among exhibitors) by the size of the theatres it’s playing in. I was in Loew’s Lincoln Square last night, located in Manhattan’s heavily Jewish Upper West Side, and Munich was playing in one of biggest auditoriums and to a heavily packed house . I went inside and watched for a bit — large, crisply projected widescreen image, and the sound was strong and sharply defined. But Woody Allen’s Match Point, which was having its opening day, was showing in one of the two smallest, turdiest little theatres in the plex. And the sound was murky, muffled…like it was coming out of a tag sale boom box. A DreamWorks rep should have have been there to see the most enthusiastically reviewed Woody Allen film of the last 10 years being crapped on. The house was packed, but exhibs don’t trust Allen’s drawing power — his films have been fizzling for a long time. And by the way: King Kong was playing in the plex’s other matchbox-sized theatre. This movie is in a limping-along mode and exhibs know it.