“You studio assholes have been lording it over us all this time and we licked your backsides, but [now we] are in the most insecure media job market in decades while you drive around your Hummers and pay lip service to environmentalism and complain when your second maid is sick and worry about paying for your next $20,000 vacation, and if kissing your asses isn’t going to help us secure our positions and we see people getting famous (if relatively poor) by selling mean-spirited gossip on the web , guess where we are going?” — David Poland ‘s dead-on read of the attitude of entrenched old media types towards here-and-now Hollywood, in a nicely observed piece about the media’s vicious slamming so far of big-budget summer flicks. (My only beef is Poland’s bizarrely persisting negativity towards An Inconvenient Truth, as indicated by the “while you drive around in your Hummers and pay lip service to environmentalism” line.