What’s with the slightly bent left leg? Again — the guy looks like a dancer in a rehearsal hall on West 45th Street going over his moves as a hot gunslinger in a B’way musical called Yuma Boy. Seriously… what is it with Lionsgate’s creative ad guys and their gay-appealing (or at the very least flagrantly metrosexual) ad campaign for James Mangold‘s allegedly gritty, unaffected, very down-to-it western?

The only thing missing in this shot is a ballet bar — snapped Sunday, 8.5.07, 5:40 pm near the corner of Cole and Sunset.

One look at the trailer tells you there’s nothing Michael Bennett or Bob Fosse-ish about this film whatsover. Mangold is a gifted craftsman who knows exactly what he’s doing and I’ve heard nothing but very good things about the film, so I’m trying to forget the ads and just wait for the movie, but those Lionsgate marketers keep messing with my head.