Two days ago I did a phoner with Compliance director-writer Craig Zobel. I started by mentioning my admiration of his riveting low-budgeter (Magnolia, 8.17), and that I’d seen it twice (initially at Sundance ’12) and that it’ll remind people of the Milgram experiment of the early ’60s. And it leaves you with two things: (a) Always question authority and (b) be kind and considerate and trust in your own…unless they’re alcoholic assholes. Here’s the chat.

We didn’t discuss Z for Zachariah, a post-apocalyptic drama that Zobel will direct with Tobey Maguire starring and producing with Matthew Plouffe.

Compliance director Craig Zobel, costars Ann Dowd (l.), Pat Healy (r.) and Dreama Walker (center).