David Fincher‘s Zodiac is, was and always will be one of the finest movies released in ’07. This fact was reiterated when I watched the 164 or 165-minute directors’ cut version that arrived yesterday. The ’70s period thriller would be a likely Best Picture candidate if (a) God existed and (b) took any kind of active interest in the awards game, instead of being a mere concept by which we measure our pain.

A Zodiac “Director’s Cut” screener, some 7 minutes longer than the theatrical version that opened between just under eight months ago.

I haven’t timed it with a stopwatch, but a Paramount guy just told me he thought it was about 7 minutes longer than the theatrical cut, which ran either 157 or 158 minutes. Maybe he’s wrong. The disc itself says, incorrectly, 158 minutes — obviously a typo.