I didn’t like Bong Joon-ho‘s Big Fat Lovable Pig Who Never Farts (i.e., Okja), but I was too lazy to write about it earlier. Goes that way sometimes — you think about writing something and even prepare with notes, but you somehow can’t make yourself do it. Now it’s 6:30 pm and I have to catch a 7pm showing Ruben Ostlund‘s The Square, followed by a 10:15 pm screening of Kaother Ben Hania‘s Beauty And The Dogs, which got some good buzz earlier today.

This, trust me, is the absolute finest gelato place in the entire world.  Okay, maybe it isn’t but it sure seems to be from my perspective.

World’s most dangerous soft-drink bottle. Not designed for stability as far as the upcurved bottom of the bottle is concerned. Two days ago I damn near spilled a bunch of Coke on the keyboard of my refurbished 15″ Macbook Pro. I avoided tragedy but if things had gone badly it would have mostly been Coca Cola’s fault. 

Earlier today HE’s WordPress specialist Dominic Eardley finally managed to fix a hugely irritating problem that was turning up on iPhone screens, which was a bizarre tendency for italicized titles within slider headlines to downsize. But no more apparently.