Not being a regular junketeer on the take, I won’t be seeing Dumbo until next Monday evening, 3.25. Or whenever the Manhattan all-media is, which I’m presuming will be the same day as the LA all-media. (My NYC flight departs late Friday night, 3.22 — I’ll return on Friday, 3.29.)

Tuesday’s big L.A. screening is Jordan Peele‘s Us (Universal, 3.22).

The absolute finest 2019 film so far is Kent JonesDiane (IFC films, 3.29). Definite Best Actress action (or at the very least strong Spirit/Gotham award respect) for Mary Kay Place.

HE’s second best of the year is Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre‘s The Mustang. Struggling with reviews for both as we speak.

NYC get-around guy: “I’ve seen Dumbo. You can take the ‘o’ out of the title.”