Warner Bros. honcho Kevin Tsujihara has resigned — killed by Kim Masters and Tatiana Siegel’s 3.6 Hollywood Reporter story about his having philandered with actress Charlotte Kirk and then dealt unsatisfactorily with her demands for casting opportunities. The man did nothing, relatively-speaking. He fucked a hungry would-be actress — something that heavy-hitter studio execs and hotshot producers have been doing in this town since the days of Jesse L. Lasky.

Excerpt from HE rewrite of Tsujihara statement: “I deeply regret having brought pain and embarrassment to the people I love the most, yes, but mostly I regret having been busted and publicly shamed by Masters and Siegel. What did I do, really, that was so terrible? I catted around with a pretty English actress, knowing full well I’d probably have to reciprocate with some casting favors. And so what? This kind of thing happens all the time.

“Okay, so the actress felt she didn’t get what she expected out of our arrangement, and yes, that was completely my fault. But I’m hardly Charlie Sheen or Brett Ratner or Leonardo DiCaprio back in the late ’90s. I’m a 50ish married guy with kids who got caught poking around…BIG DEAL.

“In the realm of powerful Hollywood dudes who drive Beemers and Porsches, having it off with a pretty lady outside the bonds of marriage is absolutely nothing — an episode that would barely rate a mention in Confidential, the old-styled gossip magazine that used to cause trouble in this town in the late ’40s and ’50s.”