I got my first vaccine stab (Pfizer-BioNTech) last night around 7 pm. My follow-up is scheduled for Tuesday, 3.16. No after-effects at all. Do I feel safer? I guess but I’ve never felt vulnerable. I happen to have one of those constitutions that repels viruses, or quickly rejects them if they find their way in.

I know, I know….that’s a bad thing to mention. I should just go along with the crowd and say “I’m as vulnerable as the next guy and I’m so glad for my first stab!” But I’m not as vulnerable as the next guy.

It was exactly one year ago today that Donald Trump assured U.S. citizens that everything was jake and under control with the coronavirus. We all started wearing masks by sometime in early March. Things are going to be better by June or July. We might be out of the woods by next fall, but a voice in my chest says we won’t be fully done with this plague until spring of ’22.