Late last week Harrison Ford, 79, lost his credit card in the Sicilian beach town of Mondello.

It was found and quickly returned (great!), but the more important question was why the hell was Ford, a man of wealth and taste, chilling in an area adjacent to Palermo, which is widely regarded as one of the ugliest and most plundered cities in Europe, largely due to the influence of greedy Italian mafiosos**?

Jett and I were in Palermo 11 and 1/2 years ago, and more precisely on 5.27.10. While waiting for an overnight ferry to Napoli I filed a piece called “Sack of Palermo.”

A day or two earlier we had hung our hats in Cefalu, which is east of Palermo about 35 or 40 kilometers.

Ford’s untitled Indiana Jones film, which is being directed by former HE friend and subsequent betrayer James Mangold, will open on 6.30.23, at which point Ford will be just short of his 81st birthday.

** Palermo is a Mafia rathole — a corrupt, crime-infested, economically challenged, overly-congested sprawl of mostly unattractive apartment and commercial buildings (mostly of a skanky gray, grayish-brown or dogshit-orange color) with a few historical buildings and commercial diversions to keep the tourists happy or at least diverted.