This is about the recent LexG aggressive identity thing, and is specifically directed at Bill Traschke, Eddie Ginley, SpiceFlow, JBM and Downtown Vibe, among others. I am telling you all straight and true that I will have no more talk about a certain producer being a LexG impersonator or a shadow presence of any kind in any recent threads (like, for instance, “Sorry, Let’s Be Cool, Never Mind“)

I am not being played or duped or misdirected or boondoggled or flim-flammed by anyone. I know exactly who’s who and what’s what. So just drop it…drop the subject, drop the focus, leave it there, move on with your lives.

I have known LexG’s email address from way back, and as recently as two months ago he wrote me one of his hateful, dismissive, pus-filled screeds. I know who and what he is and what his address and phone number are, and I will have no more HE commenters insisting that a certain producer is impersonating him. That shit ends right now, and if any of the above commenters persist in this vein I will stamp their ticket and eject their asses faster than the wind out of duck’a ass.